Hogwarts will always be there.
Lily. 16. UK. ALWAYS into Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Disney, Buffy, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and The West Wing. Also Michelle Dockery and Conchita Wurst.

I really would love to sit up and discuss Downton all night but school tomorrow and I’m already absolute shattered so good night gooses I hope you all sleep well or have a good rest of your day and I love you muchly so :)


I think you, Tom, and I make a pretty good team.

I actually loved this scene!




Tony stop being disgusting and creepy

If somebody out there found a kind of sense in everything Tony said or think please do tell. Because I don’t like him. He is weird and I hope he’ll be gone soon.

I swear, he brings a sense of vomit in me.
MAry please use your BRAIN. You have got one I KNOW.

I love Michelle Dockery with all my heart and I follow what she does intensely all year round but when Downton comes back it’s like a rebirth and it’s bloody brilliant I’m so happy right now

Dear Lord Fellowes,


please let us see more of Anna’s beautiful smiles in the next episodes of S5 because she fucking deserves it and we do too

thank you

i didn’t know carson and mrs. hughes went to bed with perfect hair.



Okay so my cousins are at my house and one of cousins is watching a video on rape culture why my other cousin is just making fun of it

Update: he has been kicked in the balls

glad to hear it


Please, PLEASE, Mary, I love you, I want you to be HAPPY, REALLY.
But PLEASE for my sake, PLEASE, don’t go with him. Please. Just don’t.
Lord Gilligham go away! I can’t seeing you around. BLEAH.
I don’t like him, I don’t understand why she likes him SO MUCH.
And plus, I know he has killed Green. I’ve always thought, but this episode has given me the proof.

Can we take a second to appreciate all the amazing outfits that were in that episode!

"Lady Stoneheart". "Some call her that. Some call her other things. The Silent Sister. Mother Merciless. The Hangwoman"


Mrs Hughes in a blanket!

Elsie knows everything. That’s why her hair is so big: it’s full of secrets.


OMG Mrs. Hughes knows.